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We know there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a lender which is why we want to take the time to tell you a little story about how our company was born, why, and the brains behind the whole thing!


Ready for some time travel?

OK, flashback to June 2010. This is the year that our CEO, Joseph S. Restivo, sold his previous mortgage company and went into semi-retirement.


The mortgage industry had changed and not for the better. Instead of companies having the client's best interest in mind, competitors were flooding the internet with a turn and burn strategy. It was a new aged chop shop, with below market interests rates, and Joseph didn’t want any part of it. So just like that, at the age of 29 he sold his company, went into semi-retirement, bought a plane and took up flying to pass the time. Sounds like the life right?! Well Joseph, being the ambitious man that he is, wasn’t completely sold on it.


An idea hit his brain that he couldn’t quite shake. It was the “oh no!” that lead to the “Aha!”. Instead of saying goodbye to the mortgage industry for good (which is what any other normal airplane flying, World traveling, and family loving human would have done), he thought why not reinvent his place in the mortgage industry that would change the way people do business forever. So with his huge heart for people, a burning desire to make a change, and a new idea in his head, California Mortgage Direct was born in December 2010.


California Mortgage Direct was launched with the sole purpose to go back to relationship based business. We have built a company based off what we believe to be the single most important core value, UNITY. Not only do we cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients, but we are unified and our mission has always been to foster unity and trust between our clients, specialists, and company as a whole.


Fast forward to today. It has been nearly 6 years since the launch of CMD and we have thousands of happy clients and here’s why...


  1. Our Mortgage Bankers are focused on YOU. We guarantee a “family” style customer service that everyone deserves, as well as, supersedes the other lenders in the marketplace.
  2. Our Mortgage Bankers are salary only and not just commissioned which ensures YOU get the best-combined product and price.
  3. We answer Our phones 24/7. Most Companies close at 5pm. Now there is a solution for those sleepless nights. When you're in bed at night and can't sleep because you have a million questioning streamlining in your head, simply pick up the phone and give US a call! The industry is constantly changing. If we are unable to answer your question immediately rest assured we will respond with the answer promptly. Our team is dedicated to getting you the correct answer every time!
  4. We have the Most Advanced Technology in the Industry. Our CEO was formerly in the Hi-Tech Industry (I know what you’re thinking...OVER ACHIEVER much?!) and believes that Technology combined with logistics creates a fast, accurate and efficient process.

We hope you enjoyed our story and are inspired by our desire to change the way people do business in the mortgage industry. Lucky for you, our story isn’t over yet! If you want to write the rest with us, fill out a loan application by clicking here. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your family!